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Leading Real Estate Developers for Oregon & California 


Headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR, Seven Hills Properties has served clients across the Bay Area, Northern California, and Oregon for decades. Our partners bring an exhaustive local real estate knowledge to these areas that is simply unparalleled, allowing us to handle convoluted transactions with ease and confidence. With the collective experience and insight our partners bring to the table, clients are given not only thorough attention and care, but acute expertise in all real estate development and management-related matters. 

80 Million Square Feet, $10 Billion, 30+ Years

Over the course of three decades, the San Francisco real estate management professionals at Seven Hills Properties have developed and redeveloped 80 million square feet of both commercial and residential projects — more than $10 billion in value.


Seven Hills Properties is the team you want in your corner when it comes to navigating all aspects of the real estate life cycle. Our partners have dealt with everything from market research and investment analysis to negotiations and acquisition to leasing and asset management. In every assignment and project we are involved in, we bring an owner’s perspective to the table to find favorable solutions. 

Experience Makes the Difference 

Experience makes the difference. Just ask our clients. Our 30 years spent developing and managing property along the West Coast has proven invaluable for every project we handle. Our company’s partners have lived, worked, owned, and operated real estate in California and Oregon, giving us real strategic knowledge and insight into the local markets, challenges, and complexities that come with pursuing property in these communities. We are well-versed in the unique municipal real estate laws in numerous states in the Western U.S., as well as the political customs. 

In our decades of operation in major markets including San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and surrounding areas, Seven Hills Properties has earned a reputation for integrity in all aspects of business. Our reputation has been effectively leveraged in negotiations with city attorneys’ offices, rent boards, labor unions, tenant groups, and building departments. Simply put, our experience and reputation helps our clients succeed.

Real Estate Development Solutions in Portland & San Francisco

Every project is unique. We take a tailored approach to identifying solutions for our clients, from development / redevelopment to asset repositioning and problem solving. Our partners combine strong local relationships with a hands-on mindset to address even the most reputationally challenged properties, resulting in consistent value creation. We’ve successfully maintained lower-than-average vacancy rates in our retail and commercial properties by securing effective tenants, creating a stable rental base. 

Seven Hills Properties is proud to have partners who have handled even the toughest and most challenging aspects of real estate management and development. Our partners have experience working on difficult repositionings, workouts, and REO portfolio takeovers. In every project, it is our goal to clearly identify the owner's goals and to quickly and aggressively work to achieve value creation; whether through improving occupancy rates or streamlining operating expenses.  


Our unique perspective and experience allows us to solve problems quickly and effectively for our clients while maximizing value. Find out how our West Coast real estate development team can assist with your real estate goals. 

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