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Meet Our Leadership

We are renowned and well-respected experts in real estate development and management serving San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and surrounding regions. Our partners have lived and worked on the West Coast for decades, and have firsthand experience owning, developing, and operating properties in these areas. Together, our partners have developed and redeveloped over 80 million square feet of commercial and residential space valued in excess of $10 billion. Further, we have successfully assisted clients in salvaging numerous residential, retail, and commercial REO assets. 

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Discover Our Method

Whether you are dealing with a tenant association, lobbying group, local rent board, or city attorney's office, Seven Hills Properties has decades of experience in handling such matters up and down the West Coast. Unlike many other real estate development companies, we are a small, streamlined team, cutting through the layers of approval and bureaucracy that encumber so many of our competitors. We exercise prudence and foresight in planning for our clients; an approach that has consistently resulted in linear development and value creation. 

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The San Francisco real estate development experts at Seven Hills Properties have developed projects throughout California and Oregon, focusing on the central hubs of the Bay Area and greater Portland. We assist in real estate projects and related matters, including the entire commercial real estate development life cycle — from gaining community backing to addressing evolving regulatory issues to securing tenancy. We assist clients in value creation for distressed assets, striving to improve occupancy, rent collection, and operational costs. Through longstanding relationships with local departments and groups including city attorneys’ offices and rent boards, we successfully negotiate on behalf of our clients. We also maintain lower-than-industry-average vacancy rates in our retail and commercial properties due to our stable rental base.


Seven Hills Properties is a real estate development company with an established track record in commercial, residential, and affordable housing projects. We boast 30+ years of experience in development, asset management, and property management and are well-versed in the intricacies of municipal real estate laws, local policies and politics, and other project hurdles. This is the kind of experience you want on your side when handling real estate development, redevelopment, repositioning, and any reputationally challenged properties. 

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